Adventure is in the title for a reason… The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

Adventures of Robin HoodAs the American Film industry grew, the ‘Dream Factories’ put out four basic bread and butter pictures… Adventure, Drama, Gangster (considered the B list genre) and Romantic Comedy / Screwball Comedy. ‘Robin Hood’ represented Warner’s penultimate adventure film.

Big budget (over $1 million) and Technicolor was the top of the ladder at the time. Starring an All-Star line-up littered with the greatest of Warner’s Euro character actors (only Casablanca has better) on the run from Nazi expansion in the real world…

Errol and Olivia Robin Hood

Well paced despite going through directorial woes and carrying an excellent musical score that lifts the characters moods and actions, no ‘Robin Hood’ has come close since and very few films have reached ‘Swashbuckler’ status since.

5 Stars


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