“I’m Batman.” Spider-Man (2002)

Spiderman 2002When Batman spoke that answer to scared thug in 1989 he dealt a blow for every Comic character, not just the Warner’s backed DC characters, to the major studios in saying ‘We belong here.’… Unfortunately for Marvel, they couldn’t compete till now.

Sure, ‘Blade’ came off huge, but very different from his comic origins though for the better. ‘X-Men’ was a surprise hit and great comic book film, again, if not following the comic lore page by page. ‘Spider-Man’ does so nearly panel for panel right from a grand splash page. Updated for the times, the story still holds true. “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility…” and the film conveys Stan Lee’s basic message with oomph. In true Marvel fashion, not over the top or straying from the character, it hits home. A normal teenager dealing with extraordinary circumstances and walking the high wire ever so carefully along the way. Perhaps the most cinematic anti-stereotypical ending in film as Boy meets Girl, Boy chases Girl, Boy saves Girl, Boy rejects Girl!!? Yes, that one closing scene where Peter turns from not only Mary Jane but from a part of himself indeed epitomizes what Comic Heroes have done for nearly 70 years… sacrifice. And in one instant, it is made clear.

The Spidey Kiss

Perhaps one of the more perfect Comic to Film examples… where ‘Batman Begins’ was 95% dead on, ‘Spidey’ reaches 99%. With this film, it’s not Marvel vs. DC but another example, a shining example, of ‘We belong here.’… ‘Nuff Said.

5 Stars


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