Now, kneel before Zod… and Warner Bros… Superman II (1981)

Superman IIWell, when you saw the opening to ‘Superman’, you figured these three had to show up at some point, right?

Originally, ‘Superman II’ was ‘Superman’. The sequel was planned as the second half of the original, many of the scenes being shot during the original filming. But Warner’s decided it ran too long and cut the film, deciding to rehash the edits and cuts into a sequel. Richard Donner, in various disagreements with management bowed out and his name was removed as director of the sequel, but make no mistake… its his film. Marlon Brando’s scenes were cut due to the legalities of filming the original film and then suddenly being edited into a sequel without contractual provisions for a sequel. Minus the John Williams aspect as well, you still have a near better film than the original.
Lois and Clark
No origin rehashing, no drawn out stuff, just jump right in and go. Terrance Stamp was very underrated in his role as Zod, as is Hackman in his again scene stealing Luthor role (pretty good for walking out on the sequel). Reeves is as Reeves was, Clark Kent (obviously Brandon Routh took some serious notes). With the introduction of ‘Superman Returns’ over 20 years later, this film finally has a fitting if not flawed sequel. Erase ‘Superman III’ and leave ‘Superman IV’ the aborted mess it was on the cutting room floor.

I do recommend the ‘Richard Donner Cut’ version which is a fairly nice upgrade.
Richard Donner cut
Comic epic and definitely bring the popcorn.

4 Stars


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