The longest episode… Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Star Trek TMPOK, so the first time isn’t always the best, but is usually memorable. TMP was better left as the pilot to Star Trek II; the series left in Paramount’s development hell… but translated to a great reunion film anyhow.


Yes, the plot was long, drawn out and a bit messy, but in the end, everyone was back together and only the likable characters who no one actually liked were killed. Besides, without this muddled premise, Roddenberry may never have thought of the Borg, who he often eluded may have been an after effect of the ‘union’ of Decker and Ilya.

TMP Crew
What it lacks in epic, it makes up for in place setting… 5 years after the show but 5 years before ‘Wrath of Khan’.

3 Stars


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