The Next Generation of Swashbuckler… Captain Blood (1935)

Captain BloodAnd the last as well. ‘Blood’ introduced audiences and rival ‘Dream Factory’ studios to the newest action star on the planet.. Errol Flynn.

Of course, action was “Swashbuckler” back then, but still just as important a box office draw. Mixing the appeals of both John Barrymore and Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Flynn brought a breath of cool air to the Warner’s lot and revamped their adventure line of films. ‘Captain Blood’ marked the first of six films Flynn would do with DeHavilland, and one of the best (see ‘Robin Hood’) with a well paced script that keeps you entertained and definitely takes you on the journey.

Errol and Olivia Captain Blood

A perfect example of the ‘Dream Factory’ adventure film and classic filmmaking at its near best. Again, another shining example of the MGM/Warner’s wars of the 1930’s through 1940’s… when being a film star actually carried status and their bosses cared about their stars public antics.

4 Stars


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