You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly… Superman (1978)

SupermanWell.. sort of. The point was supposed to be, You’ll believe a man can leap tall buildings in a single bound while being faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive… Sticking semi-true to the origins but dancing around the comic lore, the film did what it needed to do and what none had been allowed to do since the serials of the 1940’s and ’50’s… bring a comic book legend to life.

Forget story, just look at it for what it is supposed to be, a comic book movie. Only Superman could have pulled it off at the time, celebrating his 40th birthday, being the first real hero to grace the big screen with a big budget in living color. Sure Wonder Woman and Spiderman trailed the Hulk in 70’s TV comic exposure, Superman’s ’50’s series and Batman’s ’60’s series still a fond syndicated memory, but this was the BIG TIME.

Batman, though planned to follow closely, (Adam West’s big screen rendition still in pop culture) wouldn’t get his big screen redux till his 50th Birthday, by which time Superman had faded on film and thankfully so.

Jor El and Lara

Revamped by DC/Warner’s for the 21st Century, ‘Superman Returns’ erases the damage of ‘Superman III’ and ‘IV’ creating itself as the immediate sequel to ‘Superman II’, which was easily better than the first film and better than any sequel since.

Comic epic and doing just what the film should, taking you on the journey through the comic pages.

4 Stars


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