An Amount of Comfort… Quantum of Solace (2008)

Yes, the title “Quantum of Solace” is taken from a short story of Flemming’s… this film however has nothing to do with it. The title and its scientific meaning is quite applicable as at this point there is quite an amount of comfort with Daniel Craig as 007.

Quantum of Solace UKThough a bit more violent than most of its predecessors, ‘Solace’ follows the current formula with excellent results. Very little in the gadget department, but the right mix of guns, booze and hot broads. Connery (and to an extent even Lazenby) should be proud. Yes, Roger Moore was a bit outspoken on the violence, but he was the comedic Bond. A one two punch of 007 hasn’t been thrown this hard nor this effective since the original debut of “Dr. No” & “From Russia…”, the last one-two combination of any real 007 mettle being Moore’s “For Your Eyes Only” & “Octopussy”. Again, the formula of little gadgetry, a lot of girls and villanous stories.

Though I agree with Judy Dench and Daniel Craig that the characters of ‘Moneypenny’ and ‘Q’ should be returned to the background environment, I’d hate for it to be at the expense of the current formula. The first 007 sequel (or prequel, depending on how you look at it) to pick up directly where the preceding film left off and introducing us to Quantum, the obligatory successor to ‘S.P.E.C.T.R.E.’ (which just sounds cooler anyway) we’re given insight that Bond’s job is far from over… and that there are sequels a plenty to follow. The mix of friends, villains and Bond Girls makes great contrast against Craig’s brooding and bruised agent (both internally and externally). The fact that M can note “They will do anything for you, won’t they?” is a great psychological dig at the many years established as the screen’s most suave user of the female form… physically, mentally and fatally.

Craig Arterton QOS
Though I was not a fan of the opening title sequence (a departure from the established formula from Maurice Binder and his successors) I was pleased to see the return of the ‘Three White Dots’ at films end as a pre-cursor to the next film.

A great popcorn film which keeps you in the seat. Well paced and action filled with very little lag…. no bathroom breaks.

4 Stars


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