Naughty, Bawdy, 42nd Street… 42nd Street (1933)

42nd StreetMusicals in the 1930’s were the early salvo’s fired in the war between MGM & Warner Bros. for domination of Hollywood. Columbia had short reels, Paramount has a few grenades to drop starring Gary Cooper and Fox was there… but MGM & Warner’s were the powerhouses. In the end, MGM ruled musicals while Warner’s led in Gangster films and later ‘Action’ films… but ’42nd Street’ along with the early ‘Goldigger’s’ films were the blockbusters of the musical line.

Sporting Busby Burkley’s direction (choreography), the film delivers us into the depression era world of starving stage actors with the realism of the actual depression era it is filmed in. Introducing us to an already budding Dick Powell and fresh faced awkward seeming Keeler, as well as a young pre-MGM Ginger Rogers.

Well paced in story song and dance, the film is lively and carries itself exceptionally well. If you have an opportunnity to see it on the big screen… do so.

5 Stars


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