To Boldly Go Where No Trek Has Gone Before… Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek TeaserTo those of you ‘Trekkies’ (No I will not say Trekker) who walked out at the near halfway point of the film, and you know who you are… stupid. Accept change. For months we’ve seen the catchphrase “This is not your father’s Star Trek”, but it is still Gene Roddenberry’s tale of ‘Wagontrain to the stars’.

From the start, if you are accepting of change, this film kicks off with a hellava bang and rolls pretty well. Those who may also be comic book geeks would recognize this film as a ‘What If..?’ or ‘Elseworlds’ tale, asking the question of “What would happen if..?” and giving us a very imaginative yet faithful answer. No one said this was TOS redone, but TOS reborn. Since we already know the set standard of time in the Trek Universe (even the errors and mistakes in continuity), isn’t it just really damn cool to start over, yet not, all at the same time?

Spock duo
J.J. Abrams brought to the film what the feature film series needed two decades ago… a big name director with big time vision. Wise, Meyer, Nimoy and Frakes all did great jobs (as did those who remain nameless for what they had to work with), but the franchise long ago required a Speilberg or Jackson or as it almost was once upon a time, a Lucas to bring the vision of wild west in space to vivid light (or Industrial Light and Magic). Yes, plenty of you hardcore to the death ‘Trekkies’ will curse J.J.’s name, wish him death for changing your precious universe, but that’s your loss for not recognizing a change for the better. (We all remember how Tasha Yar became a Romulan do we not?) It’s not a prequel technically, it’s not an update or really even a ‘reboot’, but it is epic in scope given the vast material which preceded it. Very well paced with action, drama, humor and place setting (oh the joy of sequels) it is a great new look at our old favorites (most of the actors partially picked and approved by TOS vet Nimoy). Worthy of the tag ‘epic’ and a must see for any science fiction fan or real movie buff.

Another Green Alien Babe

Bring popcorn and bathroom breaks forbidden.

5 Stars


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