“A Far Better Rest I Go To…” Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country (1991)

Star Trek VIThe opening twenty minutes of ‘Generations’ aside, this is the penultimate sendoff for TOS’ crew.  Sure, Scotty and Spock made the leap to TNG and Sulu made a sideways appearance on Voyager… but this is, for me, the retirement mission.

With its meaning rooted in the fall of the Cold War, this film is level with Trek II (also directed by Nicholas Meyer) in movie epic.  Never one to shirk a social message (see various episodes and Trek IV), this one hits hard and heavy.  In my eyes, for the original crew films, this ranks 2nd behind ‘Khan’ but just ahead of ‘Voyage Home’.

Command Crew

The combination of story, action, above average acting from our stalwarts and a little Sherlock Holmes made for a great film, nevermind sci-fi film, and a proper send off into what should have been the Undiscovered Country of TNG.  Bring popcorn, no bathroom breaks.

5 Stars


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