A Little More Epic… Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

First Contact teaser posterWith the ‘Generations’ episode out of the way, TNG actually got a film in which to stretch their legs. A nice wide spectrum of battle scenes, drama and action mixed to keep the story going and well paced. The dive into Borg psyche was deep and at the time, unexpected. Stewart’s usually unflappable captain now brooding like Ahab in space was a welcomed change.

Rookie film director Frakes (who it is rumored desired to be written out or off in order to devote more time to the direction) made for a great first effort, having helmed a few episodes and possessing knowledge of the franchise only Nimoy and Shatner before him could have had, but with a better Trek depth of scope. (Nimoy’s Trek IV aside).  Definitely a step up from the previous film and a hard act for the two immediate sequels to follow.

Resistance is futile

With a wider range of our established characters (This was more of Brent Spiner’s breakout performance than ‘Generations’ was) and a feel of keeping the ‘timeline’ true combined with Jerry Goldsmith’s great sometimes Borg haunting soundtrack, this film works.  Think ‘City on the Edge of Forever’ from TOS, but better. Bring the popcorn and no bathroom breaks.

4 Stars


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