“Remember…” Star Trek III – The Search for Spock (1984)

Star Trek IIIOne word in one scene of Trek II that leads into all this. If you can get past the semi-sorta’ brooding Kirk, the stale supporting cast and woozy Mccoy, there is a film here. Not an epic film, not quite a popcorn movie, but a movie all the same.

The special effects introduction of the Spacedock, the death of the Enterprise and yes, even Christopher Lloyd’s ‘Klingon Jim’ (see the Taxi TV series; doh!) make some high points in the film. Though the ‘death’ of Kirk’s ‘son’ was a useless and expected death of a useless and unwanted character, it was nice just to get “You Klingon Bastard..”


Towards the bottom of the Trek barrel, it sits as the sandwhich filling to two far better films.

3 Stars


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