The Series Finale… Star Trek: Generations (1994)

Star Trek GenerationsLiterally… this was the final episode to the series. However, execs at Paramount felt it too long and too effects laden to make for television. Even the soundtrack, from series composer Dennis McCarthy, just felt more episodic.

The opening 20 minutes could have been so much better (Rick Berman never one to worry about polluting the timeline), maybe if they left the deleted scenes intact. The TNG part of it made for a cool two-part episode, but then came the ending. With an original scene deemed too graphic a death by test audiences, Shatner was instead dropped off a bridge and pronounced dead. Yeah, guys saves the Universe a few times over… meets big wussy death.
Kirk Picard
So many places to have gone, so few actual writing ideas at Paramount. As the series finale, it works, as a step in the film series… eh.

3 Stars


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