We Need A Little More Action… Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

Star Trek InsurrectionIf not a Trek storytelling film, just a good ole’ fashioned Trek Western. Good guys wear uniforms, bad guys wear black… and they wear uniforms. The lost in the shuffle social message retelling, this one is just good fun.

Our heroes are vibrant, fiesty and ready to rock. Sure, Picard gets a little action and Riker gets a lot more, but it neatly ties up several series loose ends, without even trying. Add in some space faring chase scenes and a riled up commanding officer who is tired of ‘these bastards’… and it just cooks.

Command Crew TNG
Would Roddenberry have approved? Sure, after all, this is wagon train to the stars.  Not quite as involved as it’s predecessor, still a great follow-up effort by Frakes and crew.  Popcorn and no bathroom breaks.

4 Stars


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