The Best of Trek… Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan (1982)

Star Trek IIYes, many will disagree with me, but this is my review, not theirs. If this film set any kind of standard, it was that it’s OK to go back into the show’s history and use it. This idea is what sets the better Trek from the standard Trek (see Trek II, IV, VI, IIX, X, XI)… OK, I guess it also told us that even-numbered sequels would be the better films.

Khan, a one shot character from TOS is back with a vengeance, as so few characters ever have been in the Trek timeline, and wants actual, factual revenge (‘Wrath’ being used in the title because of the planned Star Wars pic ‘Revenge of the Jedi’).

KhanIt was a dark passage for Kirk and crew, almost Trek Noir. Following the light bright ‘2001’-esque Motion Picture, this film worked. The teaser Spock death in the beginning, only makes you want it more. Noble or not, you know it’s gonna’ happen and you want to see it. An early effort by Nicholas Meyer (who helms two of the best in my book; II & VI), the film holds onto it’s dark future and brooding tones. Sure, Kirk is feeling old, but in the end he’s still James T. Kirk.

Burial at Sea

An epic Trek film, a popcorn movie… more adventure than just Sci-Fi and with an early James Horner score, it works. Not until ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Into Darkness’ had Trek once again gotten so deep into epic proportions. No bathroom breaks.

5 Stars


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