A Farewell Celebration… Die Another Day (2002)

Die Another Day TeaserUnknown at the time to be Brosnan’s swan song performance, it was a high note to go out on. Just slightly too campy a 20th Celebration film, the movie simply rehashes the plot points of the films before it, all tied together into one neat package. True, we’ve never seen Bond so bruised or for that matter captured, but the realistic spy caper is lost upon the rehashed gadgetry. Brosnan does his usual best, giving another fine portrayal of the world’s greatest suave super-spy, even against Halle Berry’s sort of stale ‘Yo’ Momma’ CIA agent (and she wanted a spin-off too, ha!).

Bond captured

More than just a 007 film, it serves as a chronicle of just how long Bond has entertained us, and how we long for more Flemming-esque adventures.

3 Stars


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