A New Bond for a New Bond… On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceThis was the Bond film that Sean Connery waited for… but never played. He long wanted a serious romantic epic piece to range his Bond against… and when he got it, he passed it up. Enter George Lazenby: The only actor of the ‘official’ Bond films to get a one-shot vehicle. Having done a far better than expected job, George let the sudden fame swell his head, leaving Cubby Broccoli to deflate it for him.

Take out the 007 gets married aspect, and you still have a great Bond epic. OHMSS took us to places we hadn’t seen Bond, and bettered a few of the ideas we already had of him. Harsh, cold, adventurous and not looking back, Lazenby brought a great service to Flemming’s creation.

007 and TracyOften lost on many Bond listings, OHMSS is in all truth, one of the better 007 films and does what Connery’s sandwhich films couldn’t, reach Bond epic.  Bring some Snow-Caps and no Bathroom Breaks.

5 Stars


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