How do we follow this up…? Thunderball (1965)

ThunderballGoldfinger is, in many circles, considered the penultimate 007 adventure. Thunderball, follows it up near perfect. One of the longest films, it paces itself fairly well. The characters are more in depth than what we had seen in Goldfinger, and slightly more sinister. The gadgets are present, but not too cumbersome. Connery again gets to flex some acting muscle off his individual co-stars, and puts a bit more into the effort, even though he was tiring of the role by this point.
Thunderball Bond Girls
Though good on story and high on action as well a fantastic line-up of ‘Bond Girls’, Thunderball just misses epic, however hits hard for a popcorn movie.  See it before watching the remake ‘Never Say Never Again’, Connery’s one-shot 007 comeback with Warners in 1983. The original has a better flow, better acting and far superior soundtrack. No bathroom breaks.

4 Stars


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