Offically, we have no stance on this project… Never Say Never Again (1983)

Never Say Never AgainYes, it stars Sean Connery and an all-star duo of Bond girls. Yes, it has Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Yes, it is an unabashed remake of Thunderball. No, it is not an official James Bond: 007 film.

Officially, Sean Connery starred in five 007 vehicles (MGM/United Artists releases), his sixth, a heated court battle affair for Warner Bros. Pictures, simply makes up for his ‘Diamonds..’ farewell. A decade later with better hair and in far better shape, Connery decided to put Bond to bed his way. Originally designed to be a new bond series to go head to head with UA’s Roger Moore vehicles, Warner’s took Kevin McClory’s ‘Thunderball’ rights and parlayed them into film… but in the end, a one shot deal.
007 Again
Connery’s ‘Never’ smacked his replacement’s ‘Octopussy’ in the face at the box-office (for those who consider Moore the only replacement for Connery: Lazenby did actually count!) for weekend gross, but the two went neck in neck down the stretch. Octopussy however, did serve as Moore’s 2nd best outing and a great Bond epic. Although remaking his own Bond film, Connery does himself justice slipping back into the wetsuit, showing the skill and quality that made him the Double-Oh, putting ‘Diamonds’ further in the rear view and out of mind.
Bond Moneypenny
Over all, the film was directed by Francis Ford Coppola through his brother in-law Mr. Talia Shire Kershner, and dumbed it down a tad. Alone, this film makes a great popcorn movie. In a long line of Connery Bonds, it certainly doesn’t hurt.  Not quite Bond epic, bring the popcorn and maybe a bathroom break if really necessary.

3 Stars


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