The Spy who reinvented himself… The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

The Spy Who Loved MeFollowing ‘Golden Gun’, some thought Bond may have run his course. Roger Moore returned, but put a stop to such thoughts, for a while anyway. ‘Spy’ takes all the good points of Cold War paranoia and makes light of them, all while making a really good 007 effort. It’s not one of Moore’s best Bond’s but a good Bond vehicle all the same.

Originally premised as a Goldfinger redux, the story unfolded from maniacal twin brother who loves the water out for revenge, to just a maniac who loves the water with nuclear weapons. Although light on the gadgetry and heavy on the vehicles, there just wasn’t enough Spy caper to make up for it all.

007 & Triple XThis film does, however, open with what some refer to as the best ‘007 opening montage’ of all the films. Add in Mrs. Ringo Starr and a Marvin Hamlisch score…

Definitely a popcorn movie and no bathroom breaks allowed.

3 Stars


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