Back, for one night only..! Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Diamonds Are Forever posterDefinitely a Vegas story. Retire, come out of retirement, just to say it’s over and do it again a decade later.

Sean Connery’s swan song to 007 hit mid-stride in this mediocre effort. Bad hair piece, slightly out of shape and just barely wanting to be there, Connery accepted the return role for the astronomical contract (which he used to start his children’s charitable foundation) and not just to make George Lazenby forgettable. Lazenby starred in Connery’s desired role of ‘OHMSS’, which a tired and fed-up Sean passed up. The Aussie newcomer worked, but imploded himself out of the role. Connery was brought back ‘the original and the still the best’, but not in a better film.
Connery is ForeverSean would have been far better off using ‘OHMSS’ as his exit vehicle and dumping ‘Diamonds’, instead of vice-versa. Short on good plot theories and long on yet another Blofeld, the story loosely uses the aloof Howard Hughes as it’s backstory, the aviator still a mystery and monopoly in Vegas at the time. Utilizing Bond’s first ‘car chase’ (Steve McQueen’s ‘Bullit’, impacting cinema history) up and down Fremont Street, the film winds it’s way across the globe and 007’s distracted revenge as he saves the world.

Connery Bond

Connery’s unofficial effort in ‘Never Say Never Again’ for Warners a decade later saves his 007 reputation where this film, otherwise, would have damaged it.

Bring the popcorn, but a bathroom break is allowed.

3 Stars


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