Every Saga has a Beginning… Dr. No (1962)

Dr. No posterAnd Dr. No is it.  With Casino Royale the property of another studio, United Artists (later MGM/UA) released the first ‘official’ James Bond adventure based upon Ian Flemming’s close to real life hero. With stars such as Richard Burton and Cary Grant approached for the title role of Bond, it was a dark horse Sean Connery who would set the pace for all others to follow.
Connery beginsNo gadgets, no gimmicks, but plenty of exotic locales and hot broad Bond Girls, as well as the gritty Flemming style, launched the longest running film franchise in history. Posessing what many believe the best ‘Bond Girl’ in Honey Rider and the best Felix Leiter in Jack Lord’s origination of the role, Dr. No is a hard 007 epic to beat.
Bond and Ryder
Though it’s  sequel ‘From Russia with Love’ would improve upon the formula, few Bond films have delivered such a one two punch in succession.  Reaching epic Bond proportions and no bathroom break.

5 Stars


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