It’s a James Bond Movie… The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Golden Gun posterThose who said that Moore’s debut in the previous film hardly seperated him from Connery were given a ton of ammunition on this flick. Moore actually does a fair job of guiding his 007 through a poor story and mis-matched supporting characters (J.W. Pepper!?), but it was just too much film to carry. Maude Adams is far better remembered as a mature Octopussy than the ripe young Bond Girl she plays here. Christopher Lee, well, he’s Christopher Lee… no problem. Moore versus such a great villan would have worked in another film, just not this one.

Too convoluted and heavy… even the AMC bridge jump is lost on this peice. As for Lee, like Walken in a later film, his great villianous play gets too lost in the mired down script.

Lee versus Moore

Still qualifies as a popcorn film, but a bathroom break is allowed.

3 Stars


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