Let’s meet our next contestant… Live and Let Die (1973)

Live and Let Die posterRoger Moore was set to debut in the job he’d hold for the next 12 years… and still people don’t want to admit he played a good James Bond. He was softer, yes. Writers had to re-write many of the Connery driven scenes for his more natural comedic persona, true. But when times called for it, Moore made Bond a bastard. Afterall, he did trick this powerful psychic with poor self-esteem into giving up her virginity and stripping herself of her powers all in the name of gettin’ some tail. You cheeky bastard!

‘Let Die’ wasn’t the best Moore vehicle, neither was it’s sequel… but it did give Moore a firm foothold of a character he made great strides with improving on film. His debut effort did in fact serve as the place setting at the Bond table and the main course would indeed test Sean Connery’s true believers. Add in the first non-John Barry score, a little ghetto voodoo and a kick ass title song…
Live and Let Die studio promo
Popcorn baby!

3 Stars


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