“No Mister Bond, I expect you to die!” Goldfinger (1964)

Goldfinger posterI will admit, many consider Goldfinger to be the best Bond of all, nevermind the best Connery effort. And as an official Bond-O-phile, I too will cast my opinion… it’s really good, but not the best.

To me, it’s predecessors are two better films, with ‘From Russia..’ being the better Connery vehicle. Less gadgets, more spy caper. Goldfinger is a great 007 film, and indeed can fit my classification of epic, but there are some better 007 films.

Q Branch DB5

This movie does have it all, however, with a great sinister villian who is as human as the rest, a hot broad Bond Girl in Pussy Galore, and of course, another Felix Leiter… a trend that carries on today. And don’t forget… the DB5.
Bond and Masterson
Gadgets guns and girls, this film does reach epic and fill all the Bond requirements. Connery near the top of his 007 game.

5 Stars


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