“Pump her for information…” Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Tomorrow Never Dies poster007 now lived in a woman’s world. He was commanded by a woman, assisted by a woman and needing to engage another woman as his contact, only to be saved by a fellow female secret agent. Sounds like a pretty good Bond film to me.

A great Brosnan vehicle, ‘Tomorrow’ set the tone for the sequals to come, more so than Goldeneye. The producing team at Ion was set after Cubby Broccoli’s passing, the unofficial heir to John Barry’s throne was found in David Arnold, and the rest of the peices still fit today, from opening titles to production design. Brosnan was able to work a script tailored towards his style, and did it well. His 007 seemlessly assimilated the styles of those Bonds before him, yet made it all his own. The opening montage surprisingly surpassed that of Goldeneye’s, standing as one of the best in the series, and set a pace that the following sequels have closely imitated.
Agents on the run
Storywise, it’s nothing we havn’t seen before, but brought all together, it makes for a great Bond vehicle, and perhaps Brosnan’s best Bond work as a whole. As is true with many of the better Bond films, the ‘I guess that really could happen’ quality is ever present.
Brosnan Never Dies
Not quite as epic as it’s predecessor in scope, definately up there in popcorn movie Bond lore. No bathroom breaks.

4 Stars


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