Skywalker. Luke Skywalker… Moonraker (1979)

MoonrakerIf you watched the end credits to ‘Spy Who Loved Me’, you read that James Bond would return in ‘For Your Eyes Only’… that was until ‘Star Wars’ took over the known universe. Loosely… very loosely based on the Ian Flemming premise, Moonraker takes us where no Spy has gone before.

This film does for Moore what ‘You Only Live Twice’ did for Connery, it paid the bills. Take a good female sung title song and John Barry score, mix it with great locations and exotic women, shake it up and then fling it into the upper atmosphere. Sure, it’ll stick to the wall, but the epic length really doesn’t lead to epic film.

007 Jaws and GoodheadStill, a good bond vehicle and popcorn movie even if a bathroom break is allowed.

3 Stars


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