Well, back to the old drawing board… GoldenEye (1995)

Goldeneye posterTimothy Dalton last played 007 six years and a lengthy court battle ago… dating back to ‘License to Kill’. When production began for Goldeneye, a throwback Bond adventure and the first not based upon any written work of Ian Flemming, Dalton stepped down. Dalton carried the mantle for 9 years through two mediocre films and was done. Enter Pierce Brosnan… one more time.

This time, though, Brosnan was the man. Not to say Goldeneye didn’t present some growing pains, as it was originally written for a grittier Dalton type Bond to play… it kicked off the Brosnan era no questions asked. Ultimately, it would be Cubby Broccoli’s final production at the helm, but he got the 007 he wanted and left the franchise secure for those who he’d selected to carry on.
Brosnan Bond
Though not the best Brosnan Bond vehicle, it was an excellent start, and served as the blueprint for the sequels which set the franchise off like a rocket for the next decade. Gadgets guns and girls, Brosnan helped return James Bond to the relic Judy Dench’s new M accused him of being; just plain cool.

4 Stars


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