Licence Revoked… Licence To Kill (1989)

License to Kill teaser posterIn a summer line-up consisting of ‘Batman’, ‘Star Trek V’, and ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade’, was it all too surprising where this film ended up in Bond lore? The last 007 film to be released as a summer blockbuster (Goldeneye started the mid-November trend), it also served as Dalton’s Bond swan song, though it would take 6 years to realize.

‘License’ was originally titled ‘License Revoked’ and culled together several of the leftover plots from Ian Flemming’s original stories that producers, through the years, had left alone. This film gave us the perfect Dalton Bond, tough, gritty and walking the line of stone cold agent versus vigilante… darker than any Connery role since ‘Dr. No’ and colder than Moore in ‘Eyes Only’.

‘Licence’ was also the first film to nearly be branded by an ‘R’ rating, though it survived to PG-13. Although less 007 than ‘Living Daylights’, this film does make a good movie, and presents Dalton a bit more range to play off of with a well sewn supporting cast.
Bond and Girls
Falling short of epic, bring the popcorn but don’t worry, bathroom breaks are allowed.

3 Stars


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