James Bond in space… You Only Live Twice (1967)

You Only Live TwiceOK, so 007 doesn’t actually get to space till Roger Moore’s ‘Moonraker’, but it’s still pretty close. With the Cold War in full swing and the Space Race fueling the fire, Bond saves the world, one Apollo mission at a time.

The plot is sluggish and a bit convoluted, relying on old tricks of the trade we had just seen in Thunderball, but it does set a pace and gets us there in one piece. Highlights include Donald Pleasence’ delayed debut as Blofeld (if only he remained in the role), awesome use of production miniatures and some well done action… only to be outdone by lowlights such as Bond turns Japanese, Bond gets married, and 007 falls into a crappy Japanese SIS booby-trapped floor trick. Tied with Moore’s ‘Moonraker’ as soft Bonds, but still neither of them rank as the worst.

Bond versus Blofeld

Connery’s second softest effort behind ‘Diamonds are Forever’, playing a role he just didn’t want anymore.

Epic in length, plan the bathroom breaks.

3 Stars


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