Slightly different from the norm… For Your Eyes Only (1981)

For Your Eyes OnlyUntil this role, Roger Moore had played James Bond in 4 films, but he had yet to portray 007. With ‘Eyes Only’, Moore proved he was indeed the successor to the 007 franchise, not just a placewarmer for the next guy.

Suave, sophisticated and a ladies man who did indeed save the world, Moore’s Bond was an adventure hero… now he was the world’s greatest secret agent. Connery, portrayed Bond before the gadgets and set the bar. Lazenby played a non gadget toting super-spy and nearly broke even with Connery’s 007, in his only outing. Finally, Moore’s Bond not only shook off Connery’s past (the opening montage was result of the Warner Bros./Kevin McClory legal battle) but stood poised to take him on, as he would just two years later.
Shark Bait Duo‘Eyes Only’ represented an Ian Flemming throwback Bond, no gadgets, just cunning, guns and girls. ‘Moonraker’ had pushed the gizmo envelope, and the films needed to step back to some old school spy caper… mission accomplished. Moore’s cold, dedicated agent harkened back to a Bond not seen since ‘OHMSS’ or ‘From Russia..” before it, and the change was good for all. Moore’s sequel of ‘Octopussy’ (which ran head to head with Connery’s ‘Never Say Never Again’) combined with ‘Eyes Only’ to deliver a one two punch of Bond films not experienced since the first two films in the series were released, ‘Dr. No’ and ‘From Russia..”.
Bond Deadly
This film qualifies as Bond Epic.  Bring the Sno-Caps and no Bathroom breaks!

5 Stars


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