One two punch… Octopussy (1983)

OctopussyNot since the initial release of ‘Dr. No’ and ‘From Russia..’ had two Bond films been back to back epic, never mind 007 epic. But following Roger Moore’s best Bond vehicle in ‘Eyes Only’ came a near perfect follow-up on ‘Octopussy’.

Released to trail Sean Connery’s ‘Never Say Never Again’ unofficial Bond film for Warners, the two went head to head for bragging rights. As many figured Connery would win, Moore’s film held its own… and though many will always have a differing opinion, the two films raced neck and neck to a photo finish… Moore, though, won the title by playing a better storyline, even if Connery played a better Bond.

With a better supporting cast than one had seen in a while, on the coattails of ‘Eyes Only’, ‘Octopussy’ sported a mature and more memorable Maude Adams, Louis Jordan in a villanous turn, and a Q who easily branched out even further… with a title alone that begged interest. Moore’s second best vehicle, he reaches Bond Epic for the second straight time.

Octopussy girlsIf only he had kept this his farewell Bond performance.

5 Stars


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