Only once in a great while… Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)

Star WarsIt’s not often that a film is released and it literally changes society. Pop culture, modern film and cinema history took a hit when this film was released… yes even before the ‘Episode IV’ title was attached.

‘Star Wars’ wasn’t just another Sci-Fi film, it was the first time in a long time a filmmaker’s vision transferred to celuloid untouched by executive hands and actually worked. Sure, millions will say that it’s one of the greatest films ever… perhaps in Sci-Fi circles. It was, easily, one of the most influential. Not because it spawned a billion dollar industry for special FX, toys and marketing or five sequel films… but it led the way for all the films and filmmakers to follow in it’s footsteps.
Vader at workWas it greatly acted? It was OK. Was it greatly written? It was an original, paced story. But with it’s effects, score and direction, it all came together… and in the end, that is what great epic film is all about.

5 Stars


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