Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master? Batman Begins (2005)

Batman BeginsI thought Liam Neeson would be reprising his Jedi role in ‘Episode III’, released a few weeks later in the summer blockbuster schedule, but suddenly I see him playing the Jedi Master the way he should have been in ‘Episode I’.

Sure, the story for ‘Begins’ doesn’t follow the Batman mythos note by note, but this was easily the closest story of comic book to film I’ve seen. Only the original ‘Spider-Man’ came close to actual comic book lore, and didn’t miss by much. For this reason, I have listed the film in my ‘Best of’ category. This edition of the Dark Knight is a sideways view of the Gotham savior Tim Burton had envisioned, but far closer to the Frank Miller vision than Burton could get.

Master and Padawan Learner
Though not directly credited, Miller’s ‘Year One’ storyline, a defining Batman comic mini-series of the 1980’s was the driving force behind the screenplay. Miller, not only a genius for his ‘Sin City’ comic and film work, but Ben Affleck’s ‘Daredevil’ version as well, helped mold Batman back from his post Adam West comic persona and the Dark Knight “manhunter” phase that followed. More stylish, slick and polished than 1989’s ‘Batman’, it sheds new light on obviously Batman’s beginnings as well as his complex persona and the intricate world around him.

Dynamic DuoNot better per say, but different from Tim Burton’s original film, this one can be said.. epic.

5 Stars


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