The Movie of The Decade… Batman (1989)

Batman 1989 Promo PosterThat was a mainstream review that hit the nail right on the head. Originally planned in the late ’70’s to follow-up Superman, producers kept the idea rolling throughout the early and mid-’80’s. Ironically, Jack was signed to play the Joker in both the conceived films.

After an ‘exhaustive’ search, Tim Burton was signed to direct, Jack to star and Michael Keaton the surprise pick as the man in the mask. With Kim Basinger picking up for Sean Young, the film simply rolled. With months of teasers, cereal and toys… the film released on June 23rd and dominated the box office… and didn’t do Prince any harm either.
Batman 1989The film set a new standard in summer blockbusters and completely redesigned the idea of ‘comic book’ films, and makes my list of ‘Best’ for that reason. Not nearly as true to the comic lore as ‘Batman Begins’, still a great tribute to the Dark Knight and his greatest nemesis, the Joker.

This film reaches comic epic and no bathroom breaks allowed.

5 Stars


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