Move over Dolph Lundgren… The Punisher (2004)

The Punisher teaserThe Punisher has finally hit the big screen. Though Lundgren’s film was a huge hit… in New Zealand and Down Under where it was released, it stood as an OK action flick, but not the gritty comic icon it could have been.

Jane PunisherBoth films do some justice to the character in their own way, though this version follows along more closely, if not slightly inflated. A far better acted fare with star power, the characters are right off the comic pages and work as Frank Castle should. Jane’s Punisher is just as gritty but much more fearsome.

More Punishment

One can hope that a sequel will follow at some point, but standing alone, it does quite well.

A few Bad guys

Bring the popcorn, but skip the bathroom break.

3 Stars


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