Saturday Matinee at it’s finest… Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

RaidersThe film, as we all know the love child of Spielberg and Lucas, was an ode to the Saturday matinée serials they grew up with.


As if ‘Star Wars’ wasn’t enough, the film shot Harrison Ford well past superstardom and into a box office all his own. It also cemented the fact that both Spielberg and Lucas were the best at their crafts.
Save the dayEpic in scope, awesome in story with an excellent pace this film does what it needs to; Takes you on the journey.  Easily the best of the now quadrilogy, with ‘Last Crusade’ a close second.


If you can see it in the theatre, do so.  Popcorn, SnoCaps and don’t even think about the bathroom.

5 Stars


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