The ‘Saturday Matinee’ idol who never was… Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal … (2008)

Crystal Skull TeaserBut is still the greatest ‘Serial’ adventure hero to not star in a 10 part series… yet. Yes, the Saturday matinée serials that inspired Spielberg and Lucas are in full glory as we can see. Sure a lot of critics said this that and the other… it’s a fun movie that takes you on the journey for under three hours.

A Movie! That’s what it is supposed to do. Doctor Jones is at it again, just as we love. Yes, the film and script does swerve a little off the formula, but not near as bad as ‘Temple of Doom’, and delivers Indy to a genre we hadn’t imagined.. Sci-Fi. So, aliens and Russians instead of Nazi’s and Christ Almighty. It still works. Now, Indy’s calling to Junior.. it works.. if not in some corny reversal. He’s still Doctor Jones, named after the dog and saving the free world from the forces of whatever earthly or other worldly evil threatens us… all in the name of archeology.

In Search OfAnd what a wonderful gift we may have in the form of Indy’s WWII adventures in the form of prequels… ah but to challenge Lucas and Spielberg just a little more.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie image Harrison FordAdventure epic.. popcorn and no breaks.

4 Stars


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