“We named the dog ‘Indiana’…” Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Last Crusade TeaserWell, yes it is true… there was a dog named ‘Indiana’, as well as ‘Short Round’ and ‘Mutt’… see a pattern? But, the guy named after a dog kicked some serious Nazi ass… again.

From the start with a great flashback we are taken for a ride, and like the original ‘Raiders’, we are taken on the journey. Easily a match for the 1981 Blockbuster, this version simply raises the bar in epic scope and adventure. Temple of what? The sweet thing about ‘Raiders’ and ‘Crusade’ is that they can both stand alone but are better together.
The Doctors JonesNot quite as Saturday matinée as the original, but there really isn’t anything else that is for that matter. Junior!

5 Stars


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