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It’s not a Harry Potter film… The Woman in Black (2012)

The Woman in BlackIt’s also not a ‘horror’ film, it is a Hammer Film and gives Daniel Radcliffe a chance to stretch his legs following a full career as the boy wizard.

The premise is nothing new, just presented in a new way. The story is fairly concise, unfolds properly and hits all the ‘bumps’ where it should (properly accompanied by the standard musical score). Being a British ‘Hammer’ film, it isn’t a gore-fest or overly action themed but is a bit more cerebral and unfortunately a bit predictable. I did see this on opening weekend to a full house and it induced a fair amount of jumps and gasps as it was designed to.

The supporting cast does a respectable job with their parts and Radcliffe is refreshing as something other than a magical teen and is believable to boot.
Not Harry PotterThe ending however… is a hollow and unresolved wound for the film. It raises more questions and gives little thought to resolution for a number of characters let alone ‘The Woman in Black’. Yes, a film’s ending is designed to make you think but usually not think “Wha’..?”

A good date flick or Saturday afternoon fare but not too much more than that. Skip the bathroom breaks as the film unfolds fairly well and you may miss something more important than the ending.

3 Stars