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“Rogue One, May The Force Be With You”… Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Russian teaser posterI will say upfront, I was not as hesitant to see this Star Wars film as I was about Episode VII, probably because the expectations to carry on the legacy were so much higher and demanding (which VII, in a few ways, failed to meet), however I was gung-ho for ‘Rogue One’.  I went in blind, with little expectation and wasn’t disappointed.  It isn’t a ‘great’ movie, but as an entry into the Star Wars universe, it certainly is good.

A hybrid between Star Wars and WWII (which I think George Lucas on some level would appreciate), Rogue One helps tie a few of the loose ends that Episode III left hanging in the minds of the fandom, at least in immediate relation to Episode IV (I realize that statement nearly pulls a string that may not ever stop unravelling in fandom circles…) in terms of place setting for ‘A New Hope’.  Ah yes, hope.  If it isn’t a word you appreciate, cover your ears because it will be hammered into your brain for the next two hours.  Yes, ‘Hope’… we get it.  The usage of hope is one of say, less than a handful of things, force-fed to the viewer as reminder that EPISODE IV FOLLOWS THIS..!! Again, we know and we get it.  Even the most common of movie layperson who may have only seen Episode IV in passing a time or two will know the common ideas and the familiar thread.  *SPOILER* When a certain Senator begins reminding us of a certain Jedi Master and what he’s been doing for 18 years… we know.  A great fandom scene, over talked and poorly set for the sake of pushing the next chapter in case you weren’t familiar with it.


Now, if you can get past the swiftly changing settings of the opening twenty minutes and forgive a bit of the cardboard dialogue… you’re in.  The film settles in and unfolds fairly well, sure there are a few dragged transitions, more for fitting periphery story / characters in (Vader Vader Vader) but it does work to progress into Act Three.  Now technically, you know how this ends, don’t kid yourself or you’ll be sad and sniffling like a few of the other theatre goers.  We all know who the man in black is and he’s as badass as ever.  On a happier note, it was very cool to see old Star Wars faces in new places even if some were unexpected and others a little creepy (not Grand Moff Tarkin… that was cool).


Pretty good once it gets rolling, fairly well paced and with enough characterization to be more than a mere place mat for Luke, Rogue One supplies a bit more setting and angst for our lovable, desperate yet hopeful rebellion.  Sno-Caps or M&M’s, no bathroom breaks.

4 Stars


The end of the Saga… or is it? Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983)

Return of the JediOK, for those who care in the Star Wars universe, we know that there are 3 episodes left in the series… but even if we never see it, this was a fitting end. Sure, with the pre-quels in place, everything seems to fit just that much better, and make a little bit more sense of the smallest details.

Yes the updated or ‘Special Edition’ supplied a better ending and gave us a new ‘ghost’ version of Anakin, but either way, the Ewoks are still fuzzy and will never be as annoying as Jar-Jar Binks. Maybe the final battle could have been worked a bit better in special effects evolution, more Episode III than Adventures of Robin Hood, but it still works. And it still leaves us to wonder, just what happens next.
Jabba's PalaceVery close to epic, but the Ewoks just don’t carry us there. Bring them some popcorn, though, and no bathroom breaks.

4 Stars

Skywalker. Luke Skywalker… Moonraker (1979)

MoonrakerIf you watched the end credits to ‘Spy Who Loved Me’, you read that James Bond would return in ‘For Your Eyes Only’… that was until ‘Star Wars’ took over the known universe. Loosely… very loosely based on the Ian Flemming premise, Moonraker takes us where no Spy has gone before.

This film does for Moore what ‘You Only Live Twice’ did for Connery, it paid the bills. Take a good female sung title song and John Barry score, mix it with great locations and exotic women, shake it up and then fling it into the upper atmosphere. Sure, it’ll stick to the wall, but the epic length really doesn’t lead to epic film.

007 Jaws and GoodheadStill, a good bond vehicle and popcorn movie even if a bathroom break is allowed.

3 Stars